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Light and sound in libraries


How can lighting and sound be used in the library space, to support communication and activities, and how can they contribute to the mood in a way that invites you to stay in the room?

At the seminars “Light and sound in libraries”, held the 29th of October 2014 in Copenhagen, and the 6th of November 2014 in Silkeborg(Denmark), the Model Programme for Public Libraries focused on the use of light and sound in the library space.

The participants included development managers from the public libraries, architects, designers and others with a connection to library interior design.
The seminars featured presentations and workshops, with the aim to inspire the participants to new ways of using light and sound.


Two Presentations

Two key presentations were given: one by the head curator of Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus, about the new museum building and how they use sound and light in their dissemination. The other by an architect from Henning Larsen Architects, about the use of daylight as a sustainable resource when designing buildings.

After the presentations, the participants were divided into two workshops, focusing on light and on sound, respectively.


The light-workshop was about getting the most out of your contractors in a building project, as well as using light as a resource in big open rooms, where the lighting can create a dynamic space, with different functionalities.

The sound workshop was about using sound as an asset in the room, to create installations that surprises and gives an experience. There were focus on involvement, commitment, advice and possible tools.

Both workshops opened with a presentation, after which the participants were divided into smaller discussion groups, where they could work with their ideas, or get their hands on different sound experiments.


1. Divide the process into the creative part and the workflow
2. Put your reason away, and dream
3. Play with all the technical light settings

1. Sound is often under prioritized, when creating and decorating a room.
2. Sound is 360 degrees, and affects us emotionally
3. The libraries in Aalborg and Silkeborg have started their own experiments with sounds, and they are happy to share their experiences

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