Model Programme for Public Libraries

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The Model Programme's challenges related to design and function are divided into two groups:

Cross-cutting structural considerations

This category describes complex strategic and function-specific challenges and considerations that typically come up in connection with the establishment of a new library or extensive constructional changes in an existing library.

Here a number of issues, considerations and dilemmas that all of the library’s change agents need to consider and find local answers to. For instance “The Library’s Interplay with the Urban Space”, “More Functions under One Roof” and “From Serviced to Self-services Library”.

See all cross-cutting, strategic and function-specific challenges.

Zones and spaces

This group contains a number of essentially different but interacting and complementary areas or spaces in the library, such as "The Café", "Digital spaces" and "The Study Zone" These more operational challenges will all present solution galleries with suggestions for interior design and facilities that can optimize the functionality and user experience, just as they will contain proposals about positioning and interplay with other activities and functions.

See all challenges related to the library's zones and spaces.

Make your own contribution via the Facebook group

If you have examples or good ideas about other design challenges that libraries would benefit from considering, or suggestions as to how these can be met, or if you have comments about the design challenges that the Model Programme has chosen to work with, please feel free to contribute via the Facebook group.

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