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Case: Hjørring Library

There is a common link throughout the interior of Hjørring Library in the form of a red ribbon, which switches character along the way: from the decorative red welcome portal on to display modules, service stations and as a guide around the entire library.

This common link is effectively Hjørring Library's lifeline by simultaneously making a bold statement that has become the hallmark of the library and by connecting  the numerous options  available throughout the library.

The red ribbon is a distinctive, functional and beautiful sculptural solution, which from the beginning was intended to  be a signal and icon for the library. Both daily visitors and guests from near and far experience the red ribbon as our unique "brand".

Welcome! The red ribbon is rolled out from the entrance to the central service station. Photo by: Per Drustrup Larsen

The red ribbon is also incorporated as part of the decoration of the library.
Photo by: Per Drustrup Larsen

Design and function

We have exploited the design flexibility of the red ribbon by including it in signs, brochures, posters, adverts, and by using it to decorate the library's floor and several other areas. We further exploit the visual effect by using additional sections of the red ribbon at fairs, exhibitions and additional outdoor activities.

The red ribbon is also used as a background and as part of exhibitions in connection with the provision of materials and services. A group of our staff have the ongoing responsibility for providing new temporary exhibitions with a common theme along the red ribbon.

An example of the use of the red ribbon as a display option.
Photo by: Per Drustrup Larsen

Guideline and diversity

The red ribbon also offers all Hjørring Library users a warm welcome and assists them around to the many different options and areas. The red ribbon also guides people around through a diversity of habitats where almost all needs and desires can be fulfilled.

A mother's group has opted to use Hjørring library as fixed venue.
Photo by: Per Drustrup Larsen

Diversity and ease of use of the offers available has been a key focus of the device from the very beginning, and it is our experience that the spacious audience-oriented areas allow for enjoyable experiences for all ages. Records have shown that people spend substantially more time in our library. A selection of different comfortable  individual seating areas, as well as sofas for several people, work tables, venues, service stations, study rooms or group rooms - combined with a pleasant indoor climate and wireless network has made Hjørring Library a place where people not only come to borrow materials, but equally for studying, reading, writing, inspiration, play or simply a place to meet.

Two students writing a project together at Hjørring library.
Photo by: Per Drustrup Larsen

The café at Hjørring library's has become the venue for many conversations and pleasant hours either jointly or alone.
Photo by: Per Drustrup Larsen

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