Herlev Library: Flexible learning space and meeting place for young people at the Kilden library

In a collaboration between the Kildegårdskolen school and Herlev Library, the design firms Rosan Bosch Studio and Copenhagen Game Collective were invited to develop a design course with two lower secondary school classes and pupils from Ballerup Herlev Production College. The purpose of the course was to involve the pupils in a design thinking process, at the end of which they were to build their own new local learning space and meeting place.

Photo: Kim Wendt.


The Kilden Library is located at Kildegårdskolen in Herlev where it works as both a library and an educational learning centre. Kilden is a new branch of Herlev Library, and the lower floor is made up of a 400 m² basement room. Formerly, the room was rough, empty and used for storage, but during the project, the pupils have converted it into a Crealab, which serves as a creative learning space and meeting place for young people after school.

Both the school and the library wanted a place for the local youngsters, and the young people were to help create this themselves. The objective of the process was phrased as follows: "to allow pupils at Kildegårdskolen to become co-creators of a large, dynamic learning space, meeting place and common library, which in future is to serve as a catalyst for young people's creativity, production, development and learning in Herlev Nord".

Photo: Kim Wendt.

The process

The pupils were given one week to come up with ideas and develop a design, then one week to realise and build the furniture and fittings that were to create the setting for the new space. These two weeks were separated by six weeks, during which Rosan Bosch Studio worked on converting the pupils' draft sketches and models into a usable drawing material, ordering furniture and fittings, purchasing materials, planning construction tasks etc.

Photo: Kim Wendt.


The result was Crealab – a space built by young people, for young people. Crealab addresses local young people aged 14-24, and it can be used both as a different type of classroom for Kildegårdskolen's teachers and pupils and for activities for young people in their spare time.

The room (which is a changeable space that focuses on the creative process) currently contains the following workshops:

  • A sound studio
  • A gamer area
  • A DJ desk
  • A mirror wall
  • A cinema
  • An exhibition area
  • A green screen
  • A lounge area
  • A creative workshop

The purpose of Crealab is to create a place where skills can be developed via the ideas, prototypes and innovative projects the young people develop, create and build in the workshops. The young people benefit from learning how knowledge and innovation are created in constant interaction between theory and practice, and that learning is acquired through the hands as much as through the brain. Both the methods and the results from Crealab thus prepare the ground for a new practice as to how the library can play a part in relation to learning in the future, and what the library can offer citizens.

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