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Who is Behind the Model Programme?

The core of the model program was developed in a project process from late 2012 to late 2013.

Steering committee: From start to finish, the project had a steering committee consisting of Director General of the Danish Agency for Culture Anne Mette Rahbæk (Chairman), Administration Manager Rolf Hapel, Library Manager Jens Lauridsen, Development Consultant at Hjørring Libraries Tone Lundén, Project Manager at Realdania Marianne Kofoed, and Senior Consultant Jonna Holmgaard Larsen (Secretary) will ensure optimum relevance and a high level of professional quality.

Advisers: Signal Architects represented by Director Gitte Andersen and Chief Analyst Morten Fisker were advisers on the project. Former Director of the Library Agency Jens Thorhauge, and Head of Centre at the Royal School of Library and Information Science Dorte Skot-Hansen were attached to Signal's project team as specialist consultants.

Vision group: A vision group consisting of Professor Carsten Jessen, the Danish School of Education, expert in children and digital culture; Professor Lene Tanggaard, Aalborg University, expert in creativity and innovation; Deputy Director Kim Herløv, Experimentarium; Scenographer and Architect Jette Lehmann; Architect Henning Thomsen, expert in urban spaces, and Head of Culture North Jan Lindboe contributed to ensue the project's innovative quality.

Reference group: In the process leading up to the launch of the final Model Programme in September 2013, the project was in dialogue with the users in several different contexts – through a halfway conference, in connection with the preparation ahead of study visits in Denmark and abroad, and finally, in a number of observations of user behaviour and space/function interplay at selected libraries. These dialogue partners are referred to collectively as the reference group.

Reference group: On completion of the Model Program project in 2013 it passed to an operational phase of continuous development. An editorial group was established to undertake further development. The group consists of a Development Consultant Tone Lunden, Hjørring Libraries, Communication Manager Iben Østerbye, Herning Libraries, Project Manager Marie Østergaard, Aarhus Public Libraries, Centre Manager Eva Rehling, Center for Citizen Activity and Culture, Vallensbæk Municipality, Development Leader Helle Schønemann, Odsherred Library and Culture Centre, Info Centre Manager Carsten Hother Jensen, Struer Library, Library Manager Jens Lauridsen, Taarnby Municipality Libraries. 

The Model Programme in dialogue with its end users

Relatively early in its creation process, the Model Programme decided to enter into dialogue with its end users. As early as 31 October 2012, the Model Programme was pre-launched in a beta version at a kick-off conference with the participation of some 150 library developers: mayors, culture politicians, directors and key staff at technical departments and culture departments, library managers and their key staff. Read about the kick-off conference. 

On 9 April 2013, the model programme's organisers invited people to attend a halfway conference that focused on how public libraries can match new needs and new behaviour by thinking in terms of new interplay between space and function. The participants were some 85 library managers and development staff as well as key staff from municipal culture departments. Read about the halfway conference here.

The Model Programme is tested in local change projects

When in January/February 2013 the Model Programme completed our mapping of Danish municipalities' new design and new construction of libraries, we tested the municipalities' interest in participating in a tailor-made design workshop as we believed that obvious advantages could be gained from a dialogue about how local libraries can develop spaces and interior design solutions that match new needs. It turned out that the interest in participating was great. 40 municipalities with a total of 47 library projects wanted to join the competition for the three design workshop courses we offered.

The three winners were selected after thorough deliberations and dialogues with a number of municipalities:

  • Sønderborg Municipality – which is to build from scratch. With a municipal construction budget of DKK 94.6 million, a multi-purpose culture centre is to be built by the harbour. Sønderborg Harbour Association is to construct the building.
  • Thisted Municipality – which is to refurbish its main library, a classical library building from 1938, in connection with a climate renovation. At the same time, the library is to be re-designed as an Open Library, and it is to open up for close collaboration with surrounding cultural institutions.
  • Billund Municipality – which is to refurbish its local branch in Billund. The municipality and the LEGO Foundation have formed a public/private partnership around the vision of creating the Children's Capital. The library is to constitute an element in this vision and at the same time, it is to be designed as an Open Library and a Danish and international Citizen Service centre.

In April, May and June, the Model Programme held a design workshop course in each of the three municipalities led by Signal Architects. Read more about how this was done under ‘Process Tools’. Read more about the results and ideas for new interior design solutions in the Sønderborg Workshop Report, the Thisted Workshop Report and the Billund Workshop Report.

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